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Teaching and learning

In alignment with our 2016 – 2019 Strategic Plan, our school is currently implementing an updated Pedagogical Framework which draws on four key frameworks to create a consistent approach to teaching and learning across our school. These four frameworks include:
The Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT, Marzano)
The ASOT model involves 10 Design Questions which help teachers to develop high-impact learning experiences for students. These include:
1.     What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success?
2.     What will I do to help students effectively interact with new knowledge?
3.     What will I do to help students practice and deepen their understanding of new knowledge?
4.     What will I do to help students generate and test hypotheses about new knowledge?
5.     What will I do to engage students?
6.     What will I do to establish or maintain classroom rules and procedures?
7.     What will I do to recognize and acknowledge adherence and lack of adherence to classroom rules and procedures?
8.     What will I do to establish and maintain effective relationships with students?
9.     What will I do to communicate high expectations for all students?
10.   What will I do to develop effective lessons organized into a cohesive unit?
Gradual Release of Responsibility Model (Fleming)

Trauma-informed Practice

Age Appropriate Pedagogies
Prep – Year 2
·          Inquiry Learning
·          Event-based
·          Project
·          Explicit Instruction
·          Play-based learning
·          Direct teaching/instruction
·          Blended
·          Active
·          Agentic
·          Collaborative
·          Creative
·          Explicit
·          Language Rich and Dialogic
·          Learner Focused
·          Narrative
·          Playful
·          Responsive
·          Scaffolded